Quality & Safety Policy

Being successful is to enable a smarter world, both environmentally and socially; being responsible for today, and for the generations to come. Sustainable development is the key to success and Ramky Group has aligned itself to this mission of sustainable development. The company believes that a sustainable business model means to create infrastructure that enhances the quality of life; make the best use of available resources through technology and increase reinvestment; make best utilization of the given opportunity to contribute; and consider environment as the core.

Ramky Group today has transcended geographical and cultural boundaries and is serving the needs of many countries across the world. With transparency, integrity and respect for long term relationships the company continues to tread the path of sustainable growth across industries and countries.

Ramky is committed to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, intended for being an important and responsible player in the Nation’s development. In its commitment towards development of the Nation’s assets, Ramky has brought in great transformation through its management systems. The Management has made convergent strategies in its systems and developments to bring sustainable growth in all its operational areas, which resulted in establishing, documenting, implementing and maintaining the Quality, Health, Environment and Safety management systems based on a choice of recognized national and international standards.

The implementation of Quality and HSE policy is expected to support and sustain the Company’s excellent track record and provide further motivation for setting and achieving goals as part of the Company’s continual improvement plans.